Rural Marketing.

With our rural marketing strategies at Crayfish, we aim towards creating a win-win situation for buyers and sellers from the FMCG sectors.

We are available with marketing solutions for FMCG distributors, brands, investors, super stockists and retailers. You can get in touch with us through our partner form.

Challenges that brands face.

As a brand you are likely to face problems with reach and penetration into the tier II and tier III markets. You could also face tough competition from seasoned players in the FMCG arena. Finally, your spending capacity can prove to be a major roadblock for your brand.

The digitization of the FMCG sector

The wave of digitization in the field of FMCG has had an enormous impact on businesses and the way in which they are run. The acquiring of information about target audiences as well as competitors has become fairly simple with the use of digital means. When the information is combined with better control over inventory and sales plans, it makes for an effective formula of success. Analysis of data, trends and patterns along with social media marketing strategies has also proved to be beneficial to the sector in general.

The Larger Perspective

Certain factors that drive the purchase of diversified FMCG products include increase in disposable income, growth in population, increased awareness and change in lifestyle. The level of information and value for better products has also driven people to invest in newer products.

How Crayfish can help?

Crayfish can boast of a distribution network that remains unmatched. We hold the ability to help you save on your sales costs to a great extent. With the wide reach that we have, you can have better access to a base of buyers in nearly untouched areas, resulting in immediate revenues for your business.

Crayfish in Action

Our specialization lies in working through a distribution network using multiple channels. Having effective trade relations is another aspect of marketing that works in our favor, which is enhanced by a team that is professionally managed and driven. The unmatched efforts of our professional resources are reinforced by the use of technologically driven systems and marketing strategies. When it comes to technology we have everything to help you, right from tools to run processes to tracking sales, inventory and even repeat purchases.

Get a grasp of the FMCG business

One of the most important factors in driving a successful FMCG business is to know your buyers. It is important to identify the main decision maker and target their buying patterns to learn about how you can sell better. Running researches and studies about retailers and market sizes also goes a long way in planning marketing strategies or sales. Another factor that works in the betterment of your business game is to keep a close watch on your competitors. Learning about different brands and the market share that they enjoy, the way in which they use packaging and the segments that they choose to target can help in improving your own strategies. In short, you need to gather all the market intelligence that you can get to sell your brand and product.

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